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What is Shutter count Basics.

The shutter count, or shutter actuations, of a camera is the number of photographs that camera has taken. It is an important piece of information when buying a used camera as it gives some indication of how much the camera has been used, but it is not the only indication of wear and the number itself needs to be viewed in context. DSLR cameras have a mechanical shutter mechanism to cover and expose the digital sensor. Each time you take to photograph the shutter mechanism moves back and forth across the sensor at a precise rate according to the shutter speed you selected. This is one performance and adds one to the shutter count. Like any mechanical device the shutter experiences wear and tear and eventually it will fail.

The shutter count is the number of photos your camera has taken. This is an important number that indicates the life expectancy of your camera. It is a mechanism that flips the mirror of a DSLR, built from small and delicate parts. A curtain will then move up and down, exposing the sensors, followed by another curtain covering them. This process also tends to move incredibly fast, which can subject them to a surprising amount of force:

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