Most Handsome Boy In Nepal. (Bhanu Gaire)

Handsome Nepali boy Biography of Bhanu Gaire

Most Handsome Boy In Nepal .

Handsome Boy Bhanu gaire was born in Bs.2055/06/04 (1997/10/20) He was cared and reared by his own family on his native place Arghakhanchi. He started study in janta model Secondary School in Kapilvastu .

He was excellent on study but also he was quite talent on technical field. He used to dissemble and recover a digital watch, Radio, Lights etc. when he was studying on class 5-6 He was very mischievous and used to fight with friends. Ramu magar, Prabin Bhattarai ,Gopal Bhattarai, sanjay pokhrel, sanjay chaudhay, and hemraj chapangai were close friend in school life .They are still his close friends . They used to bunk classes and go for swimming on Banganga River.

handsome Boy In Nepal.
bhanu gaire

From Class 4, he moved to Kapilvastu District,province no.5.
After settling down in Kapilvastu , his difficult journey start.His family’s financial situation was a very weak, but his willing power support him to face such a difficult life.
He started to discover many things from his childhood .Because of his such activities, his family start to support him to join technical field.

Suffuring from rain of difficulties,It is thing to be shock that Bhanu Gaire never giveup his effort toward his dreams . Handsome Businessman Bhanu is a good and hardworking person from a very young age.

He has made a name for himself in a very short time. He is now also known as Nepal’s N.1 Model.He is also very good at photography and He is now 20 years old and has made great strides at such a young age and he is renown businessman of Nepal.

why handsome boy Bhanu ?

At one time there was a big competition of handsome boys in Nepal and after winning that competation he was known as the Most handsome boy all over from nepal.Having such a brilliant talent, He is back from his career due to spread of virus of nepotisium in every field.

Most Handsome Actors in Nepal.

Bhanu gaire is so handsome so that his female follower and fan are more than male.Every girl wants Bhanu gaire from her heart. Thousands of girls flock to meet Bhanu Gaire.

From childhood ,He used to follow principal of gautam buddha and mahatma gandi .He protect many animalsand bird. He believe that voilence and social evil are main problem of our country. He is also a vegetarian from an early age. He wants to live a simple life. He informed that he likes his life partner simple too

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Date of birth1997/10/20
Place of birthArghakhanchi
Famly Mambersix . People
Handsome Boy Bhanu Gaire information

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Handsome Boy In Nepal Bhanu gaire

Handsome boy In Nepal Bhanu gaire
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